Acupuncture Fertility – Get Pregnant

A woman’s chances of achieving pregnancy and carrying the pregnancy through to a healthy birth can be demonstrably increased through acupuncture, herbs, nutrition and other proven treatments as shown by health studies. Thumos Health Center founders Bryan Abel and Ganit Kriel are fertility specialists extensively trained in the use of these wellness resources. Santa Monica fertility doctors and Los Angeles obstetrician-gynecologists in fact regularly refer their patients.Pregnant Woman And Husband Having Breakfast In KitchenBryan and Ganit can design a personal fertility program to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul—and help you finally reach fertility success. Here’s what their proven approach to broadening and invigorating your chances of motherhood will entail:

•  A thorough and caring evaluation of your physical and emotional situation

•  An individualized fertility treatment plan of minimum 3 to 6 months duration including close monitoring, ongoing nutritional evaluation and compassionate counseling.

•  Proven Eastern medicine alternatives (for both female and male fertility concerns) including safe, effective acupuncture and herbal remedies.

•  A personalized strategy to successfully control stress and the anxiety hormones which diminish your chances of fertility—ultimately bringing you to a healthier, more relaxed state ready for conception.

03A47296A growing number of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) specialists recognize the effectiveness of acupuncture and herbal medicine within an integrated approach to fertility. For example, in a scientific study of 160 women getting IVF, researchers from the Christian Lauritzen Institute in Germany found that acupuncture during pre-op and post-op sessions improved the odds of conceiving by relaxing the uterine and reducing contractions that can hinder a successful embryo implant. Similar achievements have been made with men’s reproductive health using acupuncture and herbal remedies to treat prostate issues, sperm motility and sperm count, erectile dysfunction, libido, et cetera.

Our website products page features helpful herbal preparations, vitamins, minerals and supplements to also consider. All are guaranteed to be of the purest clinical quality.

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