Acupuncture Immune System & Acupuncture for Allergies

If allergies and related conditions cause you discomfort or put limits on your lifestyle—know that Eastern medicine offers a natural and proven approach to treating the root cause of allergies and the misery they inflict.

Allergies occur when a person’s defenses—their immune system—chronically overreacts to airborne particles like pollen, dust, mold, or animal dander. These and certain foods, medicines or environmental chemicals may trigger an immune system “false alarm,” causing the body to react problematically to substances  it would otherwise consider harmless. The result can be mild to severe sinus congestion, bronchitis, itching, eczema and psoriasis, shingle flare-ups or even worse.

Medicinal herbs and acupuncture techniques developed specifically to help the body cope with allergens bring welcome relief to so many of our patients. Let us review your symptoms and treatment history—and design an alternative treatment strategy. You need not let allergies unduly impact your lifestyle.

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